You can use the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance to create trust connections and handle certificate updates.

Trust Types

The vCloud Availability Installer Appliance uses the following methods to trust certificates.

  • Create a trust by using the SSL certificate for a specific IP address and port.

  • Create a trust with a host VM by using SSH certificate.

  • The vCloud Availability Installer Appliance can determine that a certificate is trusted from another endpoint, that is trusted using SSL or SSH certificate.

Endpoint Types

The vCloud Availability solution interacts with the following certificate endpoints.

  • vCloud Director

  • vCenter Server

  • vCenter Server Lookup Service

  • ESXi

  • RabbitMQ

  • Cassandra

  • vSphere Replication Manager

  • vSphere Replication Cloud Service

  • vSphere Replication Server

  • vCloud Availability Portal

  • vCloud Availability Administration Portal