Day 2 operations happen post provisioning and include routine maintenance tasks and changes to the virtual environment. For vCloud Availability, the operations include scripts for replication management and VM snapshot consolidation, password and certificate management, and diagnostic information for service provider and tenant users. There are several scripts embedded in the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance to support these operations.

To use the scripts, you must create an SSH connection to the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance, and run the commands from the root user's home directory.

You must log in to vCloud Director. You can provide credentials in two ways:

  • Pass your credentials to the vcav login vcd command.


    If your session expires, you must repeat the login process and pass your credentials to the vcav login vcd command.

  • Pass the following arguments to the vcd command.

    --vcd-address <vcd_address> --vcd-user <vcd_user> --vcd-password-file <vcd_password_file_txt>