You can change the password for the admin user account for an NSX appliance.


  • Verify that the new password meets the corporate requirements for password complexity of your organization.

  • Change the admin user account and Privileged mode passwords after initial log-in, to harden access to the CLI of an NSX virtual appliance.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client and select an NSX virtual appliance from the inventory.
  2. To open a CLI session, select the Console tab.
  3. Log in to the CLI and switch to Privileged mode by running the command:
    manager> enable
  4. Switch to Configuration mode by running the command:
    manager# configure	terminal
  5. Change the admin account password by running the command:
    manager(config)# cli password PASSWORD
  6. Save the configuration:
    manager(config)# write memory
    Building Configuration...
    Configuration saved.
  7. Add the new password to vCloud Director.
    1. Log in to vCloud Director.
    2. Navigate to Manage and Monitor.
    3. Select the vCenter Server that is associated with NSX Manager.
    4. Right click vCenter Server > Properties > NSX Manager.
    5. Verify the IP address of the NSX Manager and add the new password.
    6. Right click vCenter Server > Refresh > Yes.