You must create a protected password files on your vCloud Availability Installer Appliance for each of the vCloud Availability components.


  1. Connect to the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance over SSH.
  2. Create protected password files on your vCloud Availability Installer Appliance.

    OS credentials are stored in text files in ~/.ssh directory for all appliances. The files are only accessible to the system root user for security purposes. You provide the path to the respective password file during installation and configuration steps.


    The appliances-root-password is the root password that is set for the vCloud Availability appliances that you create during installation procedures. The following example uses the same root password for all vCloud Availability appliances. You can set different passwords for all appliances, by creating a dedicated password file in the ~/.ssh directory. Provide the path to the correct password file in the respective installation and configuration step.

    # mkdir ~/.ssh
    # chmod 0700 ~/.ssh
    # echo 'appliances-root-password' > ~/.ssh/.root
    # echo 'vcd-password' > ~/.ssh/.vcd
    # echo 'sso-password' > ~/.ssh/.sso
    # echo 'management-vsphere-password' > ~/.ssh/.vsphere.mgmt
    # for RabbitMQ and...others
    # find ~/.ssh -type f -name '.*' -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 0600