After you create a registry file containing the deployment details for all vCloud Availability components, you can run a single command to initiate the installation.

The vCloud Availability installation consists of two consecutive steps, pre-validation and actual deployment. The prevalidate script performs basic environment checks and reports potential installation and configuration mismatches and issues. After you successfully complete the pre-validation step, a list of tasks is being created. A task can be a VM creation, a container creation, a VM, or a container configuration. During the installation process, the tasks from the list run one-by-one.

You can verify the information collected from the registry file for the vCloud Availability endpoints creation by running the vcav registry list command. The vCloud Availability Installer Appliance collects all the information for the endpoints and pre-validates all tasks needed for deployment. The vCloud Availability Installer Appliance prompts you for missing information.

To begin the installation process, you can do one of the following:

  • Run the vcav prevalidate command and then run the vcav resume command.

  • Run the vcav start command and interactively participate in the installation process.

Both options bring the same result. With the vcav start command, the necessary pre-installation validations and checks are implicitly performed.


If you run the vcav prevalidate command and try to run vcav start command, you get an error. You must run vcav resume command instead.

If you interrupt the installation process, or you want to modify an existing component, you can run one of the installation commands with an extra argument. You can add the following arguments to the vcav prevalidate, the vcav resume, and the vcav start commands depending on your case.



Default Value


Overwrite existing VMs or containers



Do not overwrite existing VMs or containers



Reconfigure VMs or containers



Do not reconfigure VMs or containers



Unregister existing HMS extensions



Do not unregister existing HMS extensions


During the execution of the tasks, if a single vCloud Availability component exists, the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance first prompts you to overwrite it and then to reconfigure it.