You can configure and work with the vCloud Availability solution using IP addresses or domain names.

To use Domain Name System (DNS), you must register the domain names with a DNS server. This DNS server must be accessible to the vCloud Availability appliances that are deployed in the service provider data center.

If you use static IP addresses, the vCenter Server IP pool must have a valid DNS server.

If you use Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) for IP address management, the DHCP server must provide a valid DNS server for each deployed appliance.

If you are utilizing the automated vCloud Availability deployment capability, you do not assign a hostname to VMs you deploy by default. To assign specific hostname to VMs you deploy with the registry file, add the hostname property and value in the respective sections of the registry file. For more information, see Creating a Registry File for an Automated Installation.

If you are deploying vCloud Availability manually, you use the vcav component-alias create command to deploy all vCloud Availability components. By default, the value of the --vm-name= argument defines the hostname of the virtual machine you are creating. You can assign a specific hostname to all VMs you deploy by adding the --hostname=desired-hostname argument to the vcav component-alias create command.