In the current example, the deployment environment consists of one management vSphere and two resource vSphere sites.

The management vSphere details refer to the path of the environment managed by the service providers that is not available to tenant users. The resource vSphere details relate to the path of the environment that tenants use.

The resource vSphere sites are part of the same SSO domain to which the vCloud Director host is federated.

The management vSphere hosts the vSphere Replication Cloud Service and the vCloud Availability Portal.

A resource vSphere hosts the vSphere Replication Manager and the vSphere Replication Server.

For test and development environments, if you use docker to manage your Cassandra and RabbitMQ hosts, the commands in the current example place the docker host in the management vSphere environment.

If necessary, you can host all the components in the management vSphere.