You configure a Cassandra cluster by editing the /etc/cassandra/conf/cassandra.yaml configuration file available on each Cassandra node.

Repeat the following steps on every Cassandra node that you want to join to a cluster.


Verify that you have enabled client communication with Cassandra over SSL. For more information, see Enable Server and Client Communication with Cassandra over SSL.


  1. Set the seeds_provider value to list the IP addresses of the Cassandra cluster nodes. Use commas to separate the IP addresses.
    	# Addresses of hosts that are deemed contact points.
    	# Cassandra Nodes use this list of hosts to find each other and learn
    	# The Rerminology of the ring. You must change this if you are running 
    	# Multiple nodes!
    	-class_name: org.apache.cassandra.locator.simpleSeedProvider
    					#seeds is actually a comma-delimited list of addresses
    					#Ex: "<ip1>,<ip2>,<ip3>"
    					- seeds: "ip-Cassandra-node-1,ip-Cassandra-node-2,ip-Cassandra-node-3"
  2. Save the changes and exit the file.
  3. Restart the Cassandra node by running the following command.
    # systemctl restart cassandra
  4. Verify that the node is operational by running the following command.

    Repeat this step for each Cassandra node before you proceed.

    # nodetool status

    If the Cassandra node is operational, the system returns the following information:

    -- Address	Load	Tokens	Owns (effective)	Host ID	Rack
    UN Node-IP-Address	190.68 KB	256	100.0%	9c428c6f-e792-4125-8f4c-1c88dae82ebb	rack-name

  5. After the seeds_provider value is properly configured on all nodes, verify that all nodes in the Cassandra cluster are communicating with each other as expected.
    # nodetool status

    A successful cluster configuration returns the following status:

    -- Address	Load	Tokens	Owns (effective)	Host ID	Rack
    UN Node-IP-Address1	213.07 KB	256	66.5%	9c428c6f-e792-4125-8f4c-1c88dae82ebb	rack-name
    UN Node-IP-Address2	203.85 KB	256	67.5%	cael3946-04a5-4f3a-8225-842850dbe607	rack-name
    UN Node-IP-Address3	156.22 KB	256	66.0%	f5ee3d7b-e83f-4fa7-b609-dea989b2b415	rack-name