With vCloud Director Extender - OnPrem Setup UI you can access the replicator service through a proxy server or a gateway. One of the appliance requirements are to provide a proxy with a public endpoint and configure rules to route the network traffic to the replication components.

On-premise Proxy Configuration

For on-premise configuration, only the replicator requires proxy server settings. You must configure the proxy rules before adding a new cloud provider. During the replicator registration, the messages go through the proxy to the replicator, therefore you must make sure that a bidirectional communication between the on-premise replicator and the cloud provider replicator manager is possible. The replicator listens on port 8083 for management data and on port 44045 for replicator data.

Table 1. Example


IP Address

On-premise Proxy



For example, you must configure the rules from.

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