You can start a migration of the virtual machines workload from vCenter Server to vCloud Director right away or by scheduling it for a later time.


Identify the groups of virtual machines to be migrated.


Based of the amount of virtual machines to be migrated, the service provider defines the resource profile and size of the VDC .


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the Home tab.
  3. Click the vCloud Director Extender plug-in.

    vCloud Director Extender is supported with vSphere Client (HTML5).

  4. Click New Migration.
  5. Specify the type of migration.




    The virtual machines remain active during the migration and parts of the workload continue running while others are migrated.


    After the warm migration completes, the status of the migration job changes to Cutover ready. A Cutover is required for the migrated virtual machine to be available on the cloud after the migration. You can still make changes to the virtual machine until you click Start Cutover .


    The virtual machines will be inactive during the migration.


    You can migrate up to 10 workloads at a time.

  6. Select the data center, from which you want to migrate virtual machines.
  7. From the drop down menu, select the virtual machines you want to migrate and click Next.
  8. Select a target cloud destination for the virtual machines by providing the requested information.



    Select Target Cloud

    Provide the registered target vCloud Director.

    Select vDC

    Provide the registered vDC.

    Select storage profile

    Provide a storage profile name.

    Select network

    Provide a network name.

    vApp layout

    Select a layout option.

    • Each VM stays individually.

    • Group all VMs into a single vApp.

  9. Schedule the time and date for the migration.
    1. For warm migration, specify the target recovery point objective time.
    2. For cold migration, specify if you want the virtual machine to be powered on after the migration.
  10. Click Start to run the migration.

    You can monitor the migration status in the Workloads tab of the Migrations screen.


    You must perform a manual Cutover after the warm migration job completes to power on the virtual machine.