VMware vCloud Director Extender creates a hybrid cloud environment between an end-user on-premise data center, and a multi-tenant vCloud Director environment.

With vCloud Director Extender, you can connect an on-premise vCenter Server to a multi-tenant cloud environment managed by vCloud Director. You use vCloud Director Extender to securely and seamlessly migrate on-premise virtual machines, and extend your on-premise virtual network to the cloud.

During the vCloud Director Extender deployment, you install and configure system components in both the tenant and service provider environments. Once the service provider environment is configured, endpoint information must be provided to the tenant administrator.

vCloud Director Extender DC Extension providers a Layer 2 (L2) network stretching from the on-premise networks to the cloud networks.

With Warm Migration and Cutover, you migrate a powered on virtual machines to the cloud with a minimal downtime.

With Cold Migration, you migrate powered off virtual machines to the cloud with a minimal downtime.

vCloud Director Extender provides a simple scheduling capability for both types of migration and for Cutover operations.

You can perform multiple migrations of the same type by creating a Warm Migration or Cold Migration job.