With vCloud Director Extender, you can migrate your workload from an on-premise vCenter Server instance to the cloud provider environment. You can migrate virtual machines both when they are powered on or powered off depending on the available downtime.

Migration of an entire data center is often done in stages and might take a long period of time. To ensure a minimal downtime of clients applications vCloud Director Extender provides flexibility in the different types of migrations.

You can chose from two types of migration.

  • With warm migration you can keep your virtual machines active while the migration runs and ensure minimal downtime. After the migration completes, you start a manual cutover to make the virtual machines available on the cloud provider site and finalize the migration. The cutover is a process that powers on the virtual machines after the warm migration completes.

  • With cold migration you power down your virtual machines and start the migration. No cutover process is required in this case, you can choose whether to power on the virtual machines from the migration setup menu.