vCloud Director Extender has multiple components that you must install and configure in a specific order. You use the vCloud Director Extender - Cloud Service Setup UI to complete the installation and configuration.

For a service provider environment, the installation order of the required components is as follows.


You install each of the components on a separate virtual machine created as part of the automated configuration run from the Cloud Service Setup UI. The installation includes a minimum of four virtual machines, including at least one replicator virtual machine per resource vCenter Server. Depending on the workload, you might add additional replicators for a resource vCenter Server.




NSX is the network virtualization component. For more information, see NSX Installation Guide.

Cloud Continuity Manager

This component is the operational manager of the Cloud Continuity Engine. Runs on the service provider side and takes care of configuring the replicators and staging the replication workflow.

Cloud Continuity Engine

This component is a replication and recovery engine used for the virtual machines migration. Runs both on-premise and on service provider side and takes care of the data transfer and monitoring.

CX Cloud Service

This is the vCloud Director Extender component that is installed and deployed on the cloud provider side . You use it to run the Cloud Service Setup UI for the configuration.