You can install the required components either by running the Setup wizard or by manually selecting them from the vCloud Director Extender - OnPrem Setup UI menu.


  • Verify that vCloud Director Extender OVA file is installed on vCenter Server.


  1. Navigate to https://CX_Connector_IP/ui/mgmt/dashboard.

    For CX_Connector_IP, provide the IP address of the virtual machine where the appliance is installed.

  2. For a first time configuration, log in with the root credentials that you created in Install CX Connector on Tenant vCenter Server.

    After you register the Management vCenter Server with the CX Cloud Service on the service provider site, you can log in with user name admin and password admin.

  3. Click Start Wizard to run the setup wizard.

    You must run the Setup wizard for your first-time configuration and if you want to install the workload migration feature. You can skip running the wizard and continue to step 5 if you want to configure only an L2 VPN network extension.

  4. Follow the prompts of the wizard.

    In the OnPrem Setup UI, you can define an appliance configuration only for a single data center or a cluster. You can extend the networks based only on the appliance configuration.



    On-prem vCenter Server

    Enter the vCenter Server fully qualified domain name and IP address and the administrator credentials.

    Register Plug-in with vCenter Server

    Register with a valid version number.


    You must increment the version number for the subsequent configuration. Identify the correct installed plug-in version from the Managed Object Browser.


    Register the Replicator by providing the details of your vCenter Server:

    • Name

    • Folder/Datacenter Name


      You must provide the full multilevel schema path.

    • Hosts or Cluster Name

    • Datastore Name

    • Network Name

    • Static IP Configuration

    Activate Replicator

    1. Set a new password for the root user.

    2. Provide the details from the resource vCenter Server.


      You must enter the Lookup Service URL field, if you use an external Platform Services Controller

    3. Public Endpoint URL and Port.


      You must fill in this field if you are using an environment with a proxy server. Provide the IP address and the port of the proxy server. For more information, see Configuring OnPrem Setup UI with Proxy Server.


    Click Next to complete the setup wizard.

  5. Click the DC Extensions tab in the vCloud Director Extender - OnPrem Setup UI menu to configure and add an L2 appliance and a NSX Manager.

    You must complete both steps, L2 Appliance Configuration and NSX Manager Configuration if NSX Manager is installed on the on-premise vCenter Server instance. If you do not have NSX Manager installed on the on-premise vCenter Server then only L2 Appliance Configuration is required.



    L2 Appliance Configuration

    Configure an L2 appliance by providing the following details:

    • Folder Name/Datacenter Name


      You must provide the full multilevel schema path.

    • Cluster Name

    • Datastore Name

    • Uplink Network Name

    • Uplink Network Pool IP

    • Uplink Default Gateway IP


      Make sure the provided information is correct, no preliminary checks are run to verify the validity of the data.

    • Uplink Prefix Length


      This is a mandatory field, you must provide this information for a successful configuration.

    Click Create to add an L2 appliance.

    NSX Manager Configuration

    Configure an NSX Manager by providing the following details:

    • Name

    • HostURL

    • Username

    • Password

What to do next

Run vCloud Director Extender.