vCloud Director Extender requires at least one Replicator per Resource vCenter Server on the cloud provider site.

Depending on the concurrent migration jobs that you want to run, you might need to deploy additional Replicator appliances.


  1. In the Cloud Service Setup UI, click Replicators.
  2. Click Add New Replicator.
  3. Enter a name for the Replicator that you are deploying.
  4. Enter a target Datacenter/Folder Name.
  5. Enter a target Host or Cluster Name.
  6. Enter a target Datastore Name.
  7. Enter a target Network Name.
  8. Do not select the DHCP check box and click OK.

    DHCP deployment is not supported for production installations.


A new Replicator is created. You can see the details in the Current Replicators list.

What to do next

You must now activate the new Replicator. For more information about activating a Replicator, see Service Provider Configuration.