You install and configure the remaining tenant components by using the OnPrem Setup UI. For a first-time installation, use the Setup wizard.


Verify that the vCloud Director Extender On-Premise Appliance VM is powered on.


  1. In a Web browser, open the OnPrem Setup UI at https://vCD_Extender_OnPrem_Appliance_IP/ui/mgmt.
  2. Log in as root.

    Use the password that you set during the vCloud Director Extender On-Premise Appliance installation.

  3. Click Setup Wizard.


    Run the Setup wizard for your first-time configuration to install Replicator.

  4. Follow the prompts of the wizard.



    On-premise vCenter Server

    Register the vCloud Director Extender On-Premise Appliance to the on-premise vCenter Server.

    • Enter the on-premise vCenter Server Name.

    • Enter the IP address or URL of the vCenter Server.

    • Enter the Lookup Service URL.


      If you are using an external Platform Services Controller (PSC), enter the address to the external Lookup service in the suggested syntax. If you are using an embedded PSC, you can skip this step. Make sure that the Lookup Service URL, IP address, and port number are identical to the Lookup Service URL of the Management vCenter Server.

    • Enter the administrator credentials and click Next.


      Certificates information pop-up window might appear. Click Trust Certificates.

    Register Plug-in with vCenter Server

    This process registers vCloud Director Extender as a plug-in to the on-premise vCenter Server.

    Register with a valid version number and click Next.


    If you need to re-register vCloud Director Extender Plug-in, make sure to use incremental version number.


    Create a Replicator VM and register it to the on-premise vCenter Server.

    • Enter a Name of the Replicator.

    • Enter the target Folder/Datacenter Name.


      You must provide the full multilevel schema path.

    • Enter the target Hosts or Cluster Name.

    • Enter the target Datastore Name.

    • Enter the target Network Name.

    • Do not select the DHCP check box and click Next.

    • After the Replicator is created, click Next.

    Activate Replicator

    Prepare the Replicator for operational use.

    • Set and confirm a password.

    • Enter the Lookup Service URL.

    • Enter the Management vCenter Server SSO user name and password. The user you enter must be an administrator or part of the administrators group.

    • Enter the Public Endpoint URL and Port.

    • Click Next.


    To complete the setup wizard, click Next and Finish.


    In the Management vCenter tab, the on-premise vCenter Server details appear. In the Replicators tab, you can see the details for the deployed Replicator appliance.

What to do next

Run vCloud Director Extender.