vCloud Director Extender | 11 OCT 2018 | Build 10220030

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What's in the Release Notes

The release notes cover the following topics:

What's New

vCloud Director Extender provides the following new features:

  • Support for vCloud Director 9.5 with vCenter Server 6.0 U3 and vCenter Server 6.5 to enable migration of on-premise VMs to a cloud provider environment.
  • Added support for modifying the Public Endpoint URL of a Replicator in the Current Replicators list.
  • New Migrations tab in the Cloud Service Setup UI to show the consumption size of migrated VMs in cutover-ready state. The tab contains:
    • Migration Name and Type of the migrated VMs.
    • Option to download CSV report.
    • Option to cancel migration.
    • Information about the total data store size of the cutover-ready VMs and VMDK files.

Caveats and Limitations

You cannot modify the Endpoint URL of a Replication Manager once it is configured.

Resolved Issues

  • When you create a Replicator or a Replication Manager in the source vCenter Server with the same name as for an existing VM, that VM is deleted

    If during the deployment of a Replicator or a Replication Manager you provide a name that duplicates the name of an existing in the source vCenter Server VM, you see the error message VM name already exist!

    The vCloud Director Extender deletes the VM due to a cleanup process issue.

  • You cannot see or change the Endpoint URL of a registered Replicator

    After you register a Replicator in the vCenter Server, you cannot see or change the Endpoint URL of this Replicator.

  • A migration fails when you select a destination vDC that has disconnected or inactive ESXi host

    When you initiate a migration and you select a destination vDC with a disconnected or inactive ESXi host, the migration fails. This occurs because the vCloud Director Extender does not perform the following actions before migration:

    • Does not validate in advance if the selected destination ESXi host is online, connected or disconnected.
    • Does not try to activate the unresponsive ESXi host.

    Now, the vCloud Director Extender keeps validating ESXi hosts until it finds an active ESXi host or successfully activates one.

Known Issues

  • Setting up a network extension without the necessary permissions creates a new vDC edge on the source vCenter Server

    After you initiate a network extension without the necessary permissions, the process fails with the error message MTA Exception Error. The network extension is removed but the created new vDC edge remains on the source vCenter Server.

    Workaround: To workaround the issue, manually delete the newly created vDC edge device.

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