Provider virtual datacenter datastores provide storage capacity for provider virtual datacenters.

Provider Virtual Datacenter Datastore Metrics

The following information about each provider virtual datacenter datastore appears on the Datastores tab of a provider virtual datacenter.

Table 1. Datastore Metrics




The name of the provider virtual datacenter datastore.


A checkmark appears when the provider virtual datacenter datastore is enabled.


The type of file system the datastore uses, either Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) or Network File System (NFS).


The datastore space occupied by virtual machine files, including log files, snapshots, and virtual disks. When a virtual machine is powered on, the used storage space also includes log files.


The datastore space guaranteed to virtual machines. If any virtual machines are using thin provisioning, some of the provisioned space might not be in use, and other virtual machines can occupy the unused space.


Provisioned storage in use only by vCloud Director-managed objects on the datastore. If thin provisioning is enabled on vCloud Director, some of the requested space might not be in use.


The vCenter Server associated with the datastore.