An organization administrator can create a VPN tunnel between an organization virtual datacenter network and a remote network.

About this task

If the tunnel endpoints have a firewall between them, configure it to allow the following IP protocols and UDP ports:

  • IP Protocol ID 50 (ESP)

  • IP Protocol ID 51 (AH)

  • UDP Port 500 (IKE)

  • UDP Port 4500


Verify that you have a routed organization virtual datacenter network and a routed remote network that uses IPSec.


  1. Click Administration and select the organization virtual datacenter.
  2. Select Cloud Resources > Networks.
  3. Click the Organization VDC Network tab, right-click the organization virtual datacenter network name, and select Configure Services.
  4. Click the VPN tab and click Add.
  5. Type a name and optional description.
  6. Select a remote network from the drop-down menu.
  7. Type the peer settings.
  8. Review the tunnel settings and click OK.


vCloud Director configures the organization peer network endpoint.

What to do next

Manually configure the remote peer network endpoint.