You can change the guest operating system properties of an existing vApp template, such as password and domain properties.


Verify that you are at least a vApp author.


  1. Click Catalogs.
  2. In the left pane, click My Organization's Catalogs.
  3. Click the vApp Templates tab, right-click the vApp template to change and select Open.
  4. Click the VMs tab, right-click the virtual machine to change and select Properties.
  5. Click the Guest OS Customization tab.
  6. (Optional) Change guest OS properties.



    Guest customization.

    Enables or disables guest customization.

    Change SID

    Runs Sysprep to change Windows SID. This option is available only for virtual machines running a Windows guest operating system.

    Allow local administrator password

    Allows setting an administrator password on the guest operating system.

    Require administrator to change password on first login

    Requires the administrator to change this password the first time they log in to the guest operating system.

    Enable this VM to join a domain

    Type domain properties to have the virtual machine join a domain


    Navigate to a customization script, and click OK to add the customization script to the vApp template.

  7. Click OK.