When you install VMware Tools in a virtual machine in a vApp, you need to understand the process.

You can trigger VMware Tools installation on a powered on guest virtual machine in a vApp by selecting the virtual machine, right-click, and selecting Install VMware Tools. Popout the virtual machine console to continue with the installation. For information on installing in a variety of guest OSs, see Installing VMware Tools.

Table 1. Installing VMware Tools



To install on a Windows Guest

Install VMware Tools on a Windows Guest

To install on a Linux Guest

To install on a Solaris Guest

Install VMware Tools on a Solaris Guest

If the settings on a guest virtual machine are not in synch with vCloud Director or an attempt to perform guest customization has failed, you can select the virtual machine, right-click, and select Power on and Force re-customization.

When you select Add to My Cloud or Add from Catalog on a vApp template, these are the available options on the vApp template Properties page.

  • Make identical copy

  • Customize VM Settings

The vApp template is added and saved as a vApp in your organization. These options are not used when you use a virtual machine, when you create a new vApp, or add a new virtual machine.