In a vCloud Director environment, to modify a organization virtual datacenter's existing distributed firewall rule, use the vCloud Director tenant portal's Distributed Firewall screen.

About this task

You can edit and delete only the user-defined firewall rules that were configured for an organization virtual datacenter. You cannot edit or delete an auto-generated rule or the default distributed firewall rule.

For details about the available settings for the rule's various cells, see Add a Distributed Firewall Rule Using the Tenant Portal.


  1. Log in to the vCloud Director Web console and navigate to the organization virtual datacenter.
  2. Launch the tenant portal by right-clicking the name of the organization virtual datacenter and clicking Manage Firewall in the context menu.

    The tenant portal opens in a new browser tab and displays the Firewall screen, with the General tab visible.

  3. Perform any of the following actions to manage the distributed firewall rules:
    • Disable a rule by clicking the green check mark in its No. cell. The green check mark turns to a red disabled icon. If the rule is disabled and you want to enable the rule, click the red disabled icon.

    • Edit a rule's name by double-clicking in its Name cell and typing the new name.

    • Modify the settings for a rule, such as the source or action settings, by selecting the appropriate cell and using the displayed controls.

    • Delete a rule by selecting it and clicking the x icon located above the rules table.

    • Move a rule up or down in the rules table by selecting the rule and clicking the up and down arrow icons located above the rules table.


      You can move a custom rule up or down in the table. The default rule is always at the bottom of the table and cannot be moved.

  4. Click Save Changes.