You can create an organization virtual datacenter network that is connected to the new edge gateway.

About this task

This page appears only if you selected Create a new edge gateway.


  1. (Optional) : Select Create a network for this virtual datacenter connected to this new edge gateway.
  2. Type a name and optional description for the new organization virtual datacenter network.
  3. (Optional) : Select Share this network with other VDCs in the organization.
  4. Type a gateway address and network mask for the organization virtual datacenter network.
  5. (Optional) : Select Use gateway DNS to use the DNS relay of gateway.

    This option is available only if the gateway has DNS relay enabled.

  6. (Optional) : Enter DNS settings to use DNS.
  7. Enter an IP address or range of IP addresses and click Add to create a static IP pool.

    Repeat this step to add multiple static IP pools.

  8. Click Next.