Use the manage-email command of the cell management tool to manage the templates that the system uses when creating email alerts.

The system is configured by default to send email alerts that notify system administrators of events and conditions that are likely to require their intervention. The list of email recipients can be updated using the vCloud API or the Web console. You can override the default email content for each kind of alert by using a cell management tool command line of the following form:

cell-management-tool manage-email  options

Table 1. Cell Management Tool Options and Arguments, manage-email Subcommand






Provides a summary of available commands in this category.


template name

The name of the template to delete.


template name

This argument is optional. If you do not supply it, the command returns a list of all template names.


the template locale

By default, this command operates on templates in the en-US locale. Use this option to specify a different locale.


path name to a file containing an updated email template

This file must be accessible on the local host and readable by the user vcloud.vcloud. For example, /tmp/my-email-template.txt

Update an email Template

The following command replaces the current contents of the DISK_STORAGE_ALERT email template with content you created in a file named /tmp/DISK_STORAGE_ALERT-new.txt.

[root@cell1 /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/bin]#./cell-management-tool manage-email --set-template DISK_STORAGE_ALERT /tmp/DISK_STORAGE_ALERT-new.txt

New property being stored: Property "email.template.DISK_STORAGE_ALERT.en-US" has value 
"This is an alert from $productName The $datastore is used by the following PVDC(s): $pvdcsList
Property "email.template.DISK_STORAGE_ALERT.en-US" has value "This is an alert from $productName The $datastore is used by the followingProvider VDC(s): $pvdcsList

VCD Email notification details:
 name                     : DISK_STORAGE_ALERT
 description              : Alert when used disk storage exceeds threshold
 config key               : email.template.DISK_STORAGE_ALERT.en-US
 template placeholders    : [productName, storageContainerType, datastore, percentage, currentFreeSpaceMB, diskSizeBytes, pvdcsList]
 template content         : This is an alert from $productName The $datastore is used by the followingProvider VDC(s): $pvdcsList