You can share your vApps with other groups or users in your organization. The access controls you set determine the operations that can be completed on the shared vApps.


  1. Click Compute > vApps.
  2. Click Details.
  3. Navigate to the Sharing panel.
  4. Select the users with whom you want to share the vApp.



    Everyone in the organization

    Select this option to share with all users in the organization.

    Specific users and group

    Select this option to share with only certain users.

  5. If you chose to share with specific members, select the names in the Users and groups with no access to move them into to Users and groups with access panel.
  6. Select an access level for the users and groups.



    Full control

    Users can open, start, save a vApp as a vApp template (Add to Catalog), change the owner, copy to a catalog, and modify properties.

    Read only

    Users only have read access to a vApp.

  7. Click Save.


Your vApp is shared with the specified users or groups.