If you have services running on a virtual machine (VM) and do not want the IP address to be changed, you can bind the VMs MAC address to the IP address. The IP address you bind must not overlap a DHCP IP pool.

About this task

Use the Bindings screen in the vCloud Director tenant portal to configure DHCP bindings for your advanced edge gateway.


To use the vCloud Director tenant portal to work with an edge gateway's settings, the edge gateway must be converted to an advanced edge gateway. You can do this on the edge gateway in the vCloud Director Web console or from the tenant portal. For details on performing this step from the tenant portal, see Convert an Edge Gateway to an Advanced Edge Gateway.

You have the MAC addresses for the VMs for which you want to set up bindings.


  1. Launch Edge Gateway Services by completing the following steps.
    1. Click Network > Edge Gateway.
    2. Select the edge gateway to edit, and click Configure Services.

      The tenant portal opens Edge Gateway Services.

  2. Under DHCP Bindings, specify each binding and add it to the on-screen table by clicking the + icon, specifying details for the binding in the dialog box, and then clicking Keep.



    MAC Address

    Type the MAC address of the VM that you want bound to the IP address.

    Host Name

    Type the host name you want set for that VM when the VM requests a DHCP lease.

    IP Address

    Type the IP address you want bound to the MAC address.

    Subnet Mask

    Type the edge gateway interface's subnet mask.

    Domain Name

    Type the domain name of the DNS server.

    Auto Configure DNS

    Enable this toggle to use the DNS service configuration for this DNS binding. If enabled, the Primary Name Server and Secondary Name Server are set to Auto.

    Primary Name Server

    When you do not select Auto Configure DNS, type your primary DNS server's IP address of your primary DNS server. This IP address is used for hostname-to-IP address resolution.

    Secondary Name Server

    When you do not select Auto Configure DNS, type your secondary DNS server's IP address. This IP address is used for hostname-to-IP address resolution.

    Default Gateway

    Type the default gateway address. When you do not specify the default gateway IP address, the internal interface of the edge gateway instance is taken as the default gateway.

    Lease Never Expires

    Enable this toggle to keep the IP address bound to that MAC address forever. When you select this option, Lease Time is set to infinite.

    Lease Time (Seconds)

    Length of time (in seconds) that the DHCP-assigned IP addresses are leased to the clients. The default lease time is one day (86400 seconds).


    You cannot specify a lease time when you select Lease never expires.

  3. Click Save changes.