If you plan your vCloud Director installation to use network resources from NSX-T Data Center, you must install and configure NSX-T Data Center with at least one NSX-T Manager instance.

NSX-T Manager is included in the NSX-T Data Center download. For the most recent information about compatibility between vCloud Director and other VMware products, see the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices at http://partnerweb.vmware.com/comp_guide/sim/interop_matrix.php. For information about the network requirements, see Network Configuration Requirements for vCloud Director.


This procedure applies only when you are performing a new installation of vCloud Director. If you are upgrading an existing installation of vCloud Director, see Upgrading vCloud Director.


You must be familiar with NSX-T Data Center.


  1. Install the NSX-T Manager virtual appliance.

    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.

  2. Prepare the ESXi hosts that you want to operate with NSX-T Data Center.

    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.

  3. Create transport nodes and transport zones for your cloud requirements.

    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.

  4. Configure edge nodes and clusters.

    See the NSX-T Installation Guide.

  5. Configure tier-0 and tier-1 routers.

    See the NSX-T Administration Guide.

  6. Configure one or more VLAN or overlay logical switches that you want to import to your vCloud Director installation.

    See the NSX-T Administration Guide.

What to do next

After you install vCloud Director, you can register the NSX-T Manager instance with your cloud. For information about registering an NSX-T Manager instance, see vCloud API Programming Guide for Service Providers.