By default the router only shares routes with other routers running the same protocol, when you have configured a multi-protocol environment, you must configure route redistribution to have cross-protocol route sharing. Use the Route Redistribution screen in the vCloud Director tenant portal to configure route redistribution for your advanced edge gateway.


To use the vCloud Director tenant portal to work with edge gateway services, the edge gateway must be converted to an advanced edge gateway. You can do this on the edge gateway in the vCloud Director Web console or from the tenant portal. For details on performing this step from the tenant portal, see Convert an Edge Gateway to an Advanced Edge Gateway.


  1. Open Edge Gateway Services.
    1. Navigate to Networking > Edges.
    2. Select the edge gateway to edit, and click Configure Services.
  2. Navigate to Routing > Route Redistribution.
  3. Use the protocol toggles to turn on those protocols for which you want to enable route redistribution.
  4. Add IP prefixes to the on-screen table.
    1. Click the Add (add button) button.
    2. Type a name and the IP address of the network in CIDR format.
    3. Click Keep.
  5. Specify redistribution criteria for each IP prefix by clicking the Add (add button) button, specifying the criteria in the dialog box, and clicking Keep.

    Entries in the table are processed sequentially. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the sequence.



    Prefix Name

    Select a specific IP prefix to apply this criteria to or select Any to apply the criteria to all network routes.

    Learner Protocol

    Select the protocol that is to learn routes from other protocols under this redistribution criteria.

    Allow learning from

    Select the types of networks from which routes can be learned for the protocol selected in the Learner Protocol list.


    Select whether to permit or deny redistribution from the selected types of networks.

  6. Click Save changes.