As an organization administrator or any role that has rights to view and instantiate organization virtual data center templates, you can create additional organization virtual data centers.

An organization virtual data center template specifies a configuration for an organization virtual data center and, optionally, an Edge Gateway, and organization virtual data center network. System administrators can enable organization administrators to create these resources in their organizations by creating organization virtual data center templates and sharing them with those organizations.

By creating and sharing virtual data center templates, system administrators enable self-service provisioning of organization virtual data centers while retaining administrative control over allocation of system resources, such as provider virtual data centers and external networks.

System administrators create organization virtual data center templates and provide different organizations with access to the templates by using the vCloud Director Web interface. See Managing Organization Virtual Data Center Templates from the vCloud Director Administrator's Guide. If your organization has been provided with access to virtual data center templates, you can use the vCloud Director tenant portal to create virtual data centers from the available templates.