To add a group of users, you can import an LDAP group, or a vCenter Single Sign-On group.


  • This operation requires the rights included in the predefined Organization Administrator role or an equivalent set of rights.

  • Verify that you have a valid connection to an LDAP server or have vCenter Single Sign-On enabled. For information, see vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.


  1. From the main menu (), select Administration.
  2. In the left panel under Access Control, click Groups.

    The list of user groups is displayed.

  3. Click Import Group.
  4. Select a source from which you want to import the user group.

    If you have only an LDAP server or only vCenter Single Sign-On configured, you can only view the source.




    Import users from an LDAP server.

    1. Enter a full or partial name in the text box and click Search.

    2. Select the users whom you want to import and click Add.

    vCenter Single Sign-On

    Import a group from a vCenter Single Sign-On domain. Enter the group names of the groups whom you want to import and click Add. Separate multiple groups by entering their names on separate lines.

  5. Select the role which you want to assign to the group of users that you import.
  6. Click Save.