You can create a vCloud Director server group by installing the vCloud Director software of one or more Linux servers. Installation and configuration of the first group member creates a response file that you use to configure additional members of the group.

This procedure applies to new installations only. If you are upgrading an existing vCloud Director installation, see Upgrading vCloud Director and Patching the vCloud Director Appliance.
Important: Mixed vCloud Director installations on Linux and vCloud Director appliance deployments in one server group are unsupported.


  • Verify that the target servers for your server group meet the vCloud Director Hardware and Software Requirements.
  • Verify that you created an SSL certificate for each endpoint of the target servers for your server group. All directories in the pathname to the SSL certificates must be readable by any user. Using the same keystore path on all members of a server group simplifies the installation process, for example /tmp/certificates.ks. See Create SSL Certificates.
  • Verify that you prepared an NFS or other shared storage volume that is accessible to all target servers for your vCloud Director server group. See Preparing the Transfer Server Storage.
  • Verify that you created a vCloud Director database that is accessible to all servers in the group. See Preparing the vCloud Director Database. Verify that the database service starts when you reboot the database server.
  • Verify that all vCloud Director servers, the database server, all vCenter Server systems, and the associated NSX Manager instances can resolve each host name in the environment as described in Network Configuration Requirements for vCloud Director.
  • Verify that all vCloud Director servers and the database server are synchronized to a network time server with the tolerances noted in Network Configuration Requirements for vCloud Director.
  • If you plan to import users or groups from an LDAP service, verify that the service is accessible to each vCloud Director server.
  • Open firewall ports as shown in Network Security Requirements. Port 443 must be open between vCloud Director and vCenter Server systems.

What to do next

You can begin adding resources to your vCloud Director installation. To get started with vCloud Director, see vCloud Director Administrator's Guide.