vCloud Usage Meter meters compute resource consumption on your entire vCenter Server inventory. Creating customers and rules provides you with detailed control, enabling you to organize consumption reporting by customer. You can also organize for other reasons, such as consumption reporting for testing.

You can add customers individually or import multiple customers to vCloud Usage Meter. The import and export capability on the Customer page can help you keep the same customer list on multiple vCloud Usage Meter virtual appliance installations. This ability can aid when customer consumption is shared among multiple vCenter Server instances.

Customers that require confidentiality can be still be represented and metered in vCloud Usage Meter. If confidentiality is needed, you designate that customer as restricted, and work with your vCAN Program coordinator to set up a code. That way confidential names and locations are never visible.

When you are ready to organize consumption reporting by a customer, you can create a rule that meters objects in your inventory for an entire vCenter Server instance, for example, or for the unique ID of a virtual machine or IP address.