The VMware vCAN Program provides licenses to use service provider bundles. With billing groups, vCloud Usage Meter you can designate some licenses as non-billable and can group licenses in sets.

vCloud Usage Meter Reports include licenses that are identified and updated through queries to the vCenter Server instances in your inventory. If a license key is no longer present, the license is removed from the licenses that can be managed.

In vCloud Usage Meter 3.5, new bundles are generated and prefixed with "NEW". vCloud Usage Meter 3.5 also generates legacy bundles that are prefixed with "OLD" for comparison purposes. When reporting bundled usage to the vCAN Business Portal, the vCAN program recommends reporting new bundles only. That means you should report only values that are prefixed with "NEW". There is no change in the standalone reporting.

vSphere license keys that service providers deploy might have different billing characteristics, so you can indicate which license keys are billable by defining the billing category. You can assign one of the following categories.


License key obtained through the VMware vCAN Program. All virtual machines running on hosts with these keys are considered to be billable.


License key that is not billable, such as for a system used for demonstration.

Perpetual license key

Obtained outside of the VMware vCAN Program. Virtual machines running on hosts with perpetual license keys are not billable.

With license sets, you can group one or more vSphere license keys and associate virtual machine vRAM consumption with those groups.