The first time you sign in to the Web application, you will need to configure your contact details as a service provider. The service provider details appear in reports.


  1. Click Manage in the top right menu bar of the Web application.
  2. Click the Provider tab.
  3. Type your service provider details.
    Option Description
    Company Name of your company.
    Contact Name Name of the person who is the single point of contact. Type the name in Last Name, First Name format.
    Phone Phone number of the contact. Type the number in +country code phone number format.
    Email Email address of the contact person listed above.
    Partner ID Your VMware vCloud Air Network Program Partner ID. If you do not have or know your partner ID, you can obtain it from your aggregator.
    Contract Number Your contract number with VMware
    Site ID (optional) Enter the SP-defined ID for the Usage Meter location. Service Providers can create sites to report multiple locations with multiple Usage Meters. This can be used to report back to an individual site for each Usage Meter.
  4. Click Save.


Your service provider details are now saved.