You can add rules to collect product consumption data about your customers, which enables the reporting required by the VMware vCAN Program.


Review your vSphere inventory for object types that correspond to your customers. See About Object and Value Types.


  1. Click Rules in the top right menu bar of the Web application.
  2. Select a customer by typing part of the customer name and then locating it in the list that appears.

    vCloud Usage Meter populates a list of customer names that match the characters you typed.

  3. In the Object Type drop-down menu, select an object type that is in your vSphere inventory.

    When you click on a location in the vSphere Inventory tree, vCloud Usage Meter populates the rest of the rule accordingly. You can use the Filter option to aid your search through the inventory tree.

    The options for Value Type vary according to the object type that you select.

  4. If the object type you select requires a value, for example, virtual machine vCenter Server or DNS name, type a value in the Value text box.
  5. Click Create.


The rule is added to the rules list and you can view it in the Rules List tab.

During customer rules creation, if a conflict occurs with another customer rule, an error message appears that lists the customer and virtual machines affected. The rule does not get created.

What to do next

On the Mapped Virtual Machines tab, view a list of virtual machines that have rules associated with them.

On the Unmapped Virtual Machines tab, view a list of virtual machines that have no rules associated with them.