You must provide and maintain certain details for vCloud Usage Meter to collect product consumption data from vCenter Server instances. These details include the host name and credentials.

vCenter Server 5.5u2 and earlier versions only support TLS 1.0. If you are using vCenter Server 5.5u2 or earlier version, vCloud Director must only use TLS 1.0.

vSAN metering is now supported and it is usage-based. As vSAN is auto-detected by vCloud Usage Meter, you do not need to register it through the UI. The use is collected on an hourly basis at the cluster level and it is averaged over the month in which the use happens. The use information for individual virtual machines is not available.

If a product is offline or unreachable for more than 24 hours, vCloud Usage Meter permanently stops collecting usage data for that product. If you configure email alerts, you can receive notifications about failed collections. For more information about the vCloud Usage Meter email settings, see Configuring Email Settings.