You can remove rules based on the relationship between a vSphere inventory object and a customer. When a rule is deleted, only the relationship between the vSphere inventory object and the customer is removed. All product consumption data is maintained.


  1. Click Rules in the top right menu bar of the Web application.
  2. Click the Rules List tab to view the existing rules.
  3. (Optional) Select a customer by entering part of the customer name and then locating it in the list that appears.
    vCloud Usage Meter populates a list of customer names that match the characters you enter.
  4. (Optional) Click the Show Rules for All Customers check box to see all rules for all customers.
  5. Select check box next to one or more rules you want to remove.
  6. Click Delete Selected Rules and confirm that you want to delete the selected rules.


You have removed the selected rules from the rules list.