You can change the logging level of vCloud Usage Meter to collect more details.


Verify that you have user privileges.


  1. Click Support in the top right menu bar of the Web application.
  2. Select a level from the Logging Level drop-down menu.
    Option Description
    Trace Select to include finer-grained events information than the Debug logging level.
    Debug Select to include more log detail than Info. This option causes the log capacity to fill faster.
    Info Select to include Warn, Error, Fatal, and Info messages. This level is the default logging level for vCloud Usage Meter libraries.
    Warn Select to include Warn, Error, and Fatal messages.
    Error Select to include Error and Fatal messages.
    Fatal Select to include Fatal messages.

What to do next

After you review the changed logging activity, consider setting the level for a minimum effect on log rolling capacity. For more information, see Change Log History Capacity.