This section is regarding SSL certificates using internal server names. These changes are outside of VMware's control and the following details are provided for an informational purpose.

For details of the requirements, see:

Any certificate issued after these requirements were implemented expired on November 1, 2015 and you will have to issue new certificates and might also have to implement an internal Certificate Authority (CA). The baseline requirements prevent Certificate Authorities (CAs) from issuing internal name certificates that expire after November 1, 2015. It is not possible to obtain a publicly trusted certificate for any host name that cannot be externally verified after 2015. In addition, any certificate issued before these guidelines were implemented and which expire after October 2016 are revoked then and you have to replace their certificates again.

These requirements also dictate that CAs must immediately begin to phase out issuance of SSL Certificates for internal server names or reserved IP addresses and eliminate (revoke) any certificates containing internal names. CA/B requires CAs to revoke any certificates containing internal names by October 2016.

To install a new certificate on vCloud Usage Meter, see