The VMware Cloud Provider Program offers bundles to service providers for billing purposes. With billing groups, in vCloud Usage Meter you can designate some licenses as non-billable and can group licenses in sets.

vSphere license keys that service providers deploy might have different billing characteristics, so you can indicate which license keys are billable by defining the billing category. For more information about the billing categories, see Manage Billing Categories.

VMware Cloud Provider Program partners can only leverage VMware perpetual licenses, including OEM versions, to support internal IT operations. Internal IT operations are any IT function that exclusively support a system that is not connected, either directly or in an ancillary manner, to the partner's hosting environment. In addition, VMware perpetual licenses may not be used to support the management or operations of an environment utilized to host for unaffiliated third parties. Virtual machines running on hosts with perpetual license keys should be tagged in the vCloud Usage Meter and are not considered billable.

You can use license sets to group a list of licenses that you can later use as filter in the Virtual Machine History and Cluster History reports. You can also generate the Virtual Machine History and Cluster History reports for only a particular license set by selecting the license set when generating reports. For more information about creating, editing, and removing license sets, see Create License Sets, Edit License Sets, and Remove License Sets topics. For more information about generating reports for particular license set, see Generate a Product Consumption Report.