You can configure the email alerts to receive monthly billing reports and alerts of failed and successful collections.


  1. In the Web application, navigate to Manage > Email Alerts.
  2. Configure the Email Alerts settings to receive Email alerts.

    To avoid missing an alert, a best practice is to configure a shared mailbox to receive the email alerts.



    From Email

    Enter the name that appears in the from line of the email alert.

    To Email

    Enter the email address or a comma-separated list of email addresses which receive the email alert.

  3. Select the collection alert type.



    Successful collection

    Receive email alerts for successful collections.

    Failed collection

    Receive email alerts for failed collections.

  4. (Optional) To verify that the outgoing email server is working correctly and that the alerts are sent, select the Send a test email alert after saving check box.
  5. Click Save.