After you deploy the vCloud Usage Meter appliance, you can change the root account password, due to security restrictions or other reasons.


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, restart the guest operating system of the vCloud Usage Meter virtual appliance.
  2. Click the console and wait for the GNU GRUB menu to appear.
  3. In the GNU GRUB menu, use the arrow keys to select SLES 12-SP2 and press the E button.

    The GNU GRUB menu remains on the screen for several seconds before it starts the boot sequence.

  4. Use the arrow keys to go to the line that begins with linux and append the init=/bin/bash string at the end of the line.
  5. To boot the system, press Ctrl+X or F10.
  6. To change the root account password, enter the following commands in the console:
    mount -o remount,rw / 
  7. Enter the new password and re-enter the same password to confirm the change.
  8. Restart the vCloud Usage Meter appliance by using the vSphere Web Client.


You successfully changed the root account password of the vCloud Usage Meter appliance.