vCloud Usage Meter can generate reports for a subset of virtual machines that vRealize Operations Manager controls. To support such a topology, you must create a specific user vRealize Operations Manager and add it to vCloud Usage Meter.


  • Verify that you have administrator privileges for the vRealize Operations Manager user interface.


  1. Log in to the administration interface of vRealize Operations Manager.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Access Control and click the Add button in the User Accounts tab.

    The Add User window opens.

  3. Enter the basic user information and click Next.
  4. In the Assign Groups and Permissions window, click Objects to assign role and allocate resources.
  5. From the Select Role drop-down menu, select Administrator and select the Assign this role to the user check box.
  6. In the Select Object Hierarchies pane, select the vSphere Storage check box.

    The vSphere inventory tree appears in the Select Object pane.

  7. In the Select Object pane, select the virtual machines to be metered and click Finish.
  8. Go to the vCloud Usage Meter Web application and add or update the user credentials for vRealize Operations Manager.

    For more information about adding credentials for vRealize Operations Manager, see Add Credentials for vRealize Operations Manager.


You can now add the new vRealize Operations Manager credentials and generate reports only for the subset of virtual machines you selected.