After accepting the legal agreement for using vCloud Usage Meter, you must configure your contact details as a service provider. The service provider details appear in vCloud Usage Meter reports.


  1. In the Web application, navigate to Manage > Provider.
  2. Enter the service provider details.

    Make sure that the Partner ID, Contract Number, and Site ID values you enter in the vCloud Usage Meter Web application match the values you enter in the VMware Cloud Provider Program Business Portal. If you have entered different values in the VMware Cloud Provider Program Business Portal, correct the information in the vCloud Usage Meter Web application.




    Name of your company.

    Contact Name

    Name of the person who is the single point of contact. Enter the name in a Last Name, First Name format.


    Phone number of the contact. Enter the number in a +country code phone number format.


    The email address of the contact person listed as a single point of contact. This is the email address that vCloud Usage Meter uses as the From address for sending emails to VMware. This email address must be known for the outgoing email server. The email server must also be accessible for the vCloud Usage Meter appliance. For more information, see Configure Outgoing Email Server.

    Partner ID

    Your VMware VMware Cloud Provider Program Partner ID. If you do not have or know your partner ID, you can obtain it from your aggregator.

    Contract Number

    Your contract number with VMware.

    Site ID

    Enter the SP-defined ID for the vCloud Usage Meter location. Service Providers can create sites to report multiple locations with multiple vCloud Usage Meter instances. The Site ID can be used to report back to an individual site for each vCloud Usage Meter appliance. If you are not using site reporting, enter None. If you are using site reporting, enter the site ID and name in the text box. You can obtain a site ID and name from the VMware Cloud Provider Program Business portal. If you are configuring a vCloud Usage Meter instance for testing purposes, enter 00 - TestSite in the text box.

  3. Click Save.


Your service provider details are now saved and vCloud Usage Meter navigates you to configure an outgoing email server.

What to do next

You must configure your email settings. For more information, see Configuring Email Settings.