You must configure an outgoing email server, so that vCloud Usage Meter can send emails. You can also configure the email alerts to receive monthly billing reports and alerts of failed and successful collections.

After you configure the email settings, vCloud Usage Meter alerts you of conditions that affect metering. If a product is offline or unreachable for more than 24 hours, vCloud Usage Meter permanently stops collecting product consumption data for that product.

To continue collecting consumption data for deactivated products, navigate to the Manage > Products page of the web application and click Activate next to the affected product. The vCloud Usage Meter operator is responsible to act upon any issues affecting metering, such as network connectivity issues, credential updates of connected systems.

If you are configuring a vCloud Usage Meter instance in an environment with no access to Internet, consider the following best practices:

  • Make sure that your mail server can relay messages from the service provider email address, using either authenticated or unauthenticated SMTP.


    vCloud Usage Meter uses this email address as the From address for sending emails to VMware.

  • If your mail server requires authentication, use encryption to avoid sending sensitive data in a plain text format.

  • Verify the SMTP port number that is assigned to your mail server.

It is a best practice to configure email alerts, so that you are informed of any issues affecting the accurate metering.


You must configure an outgoing email server before you can proceed setting up vCloud Usage Meter.