Service providers that encounter technical issues with the vCloud Usage Meter appliance follow the standard VMware support processes.


If you encounter technical issues, you can use the following self-help resources to find a solution:

Support Requests

If you encounter technical issues in any of the following categories, open a Support Request:
  • Installation and configuration issues
  • Issues with generating product usage reports
  • Issues with delivering product usage reports

To file a Support Request, follow the process at My VMware.

For information about filing a Support Request in My VMware, see

Provide the following information in the Support Request:
  • The version of the vCloud Usage Meter that you use.
  • The version of the vCenter Server where you deploy the vCloud Usage Meter .
  • The vCloud Usage Meter support bundle.

    For information about generating the vCloud Usage Meter support bundle, see Generate Troubleshooting Diagnostic Information.

  • If the issue pertains to a particular report, generate the report, upload it in the Support Request, and send it to your aggregator.

    For more information about generating reports with the vCloud Usage Meter appliance, see Generate a Product Consumption Report.

The VMware support team might request additional information and actions from you, depending on the specific issue that you encounter.

License Requests

For license inquiries and product requests, get in touch with your aggregator contact first and then your VMware contact.

Other Issues

If you have difficulties understanding the VMware Cloud Provider Program, or analyzing reports, contact your aggregator sales contact.

For Partner Central issues and inquiries, email

For contract-related issues and inquiries, email

For other issues, contact a VMware Cloud Provider Program representative.

End of General Support

You can find the End of General Support date for a specific vCloud Usage Meter version at VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix.