You can use vCloud Usage Meter logs for troubleshooting aid. In the logs, you can view and monitor details about activities and processes. You can change log settings to collect more details.

Table 1. vCloud Usage Meter Log Operations
Operation Description
Review notifications Review and clear notifications that vCloud Usage Meter displays at the top of each page about user activities and background processes. These notifications also appear in the logs. For more information, see About vCloud Usage Meter User Activity and Process Notifications.
View vCloud Usage Meter logs View logs to monitor activities in the virtual appliance or to troubleshoot problems. Click Support in the top right menu bar of the Web application to view the support bundle, which also includes logs.
Change logging level Change the log level setting to collect more details. For more information, see Change vCloud Usage Meter Logging Level.
Increase log rolling capacity Change the allotted capacity for accumulating log history, so that more history is available for review. For more information, see Change Log History Capacity.
Generate support bundles Generate support bundle collections of log files as directed by technical support. For more information, see Generate Troubleshooting Diagnostic Information.