vCloud Usage Meter notifies you of errors that affect the accuracy of metering. You receive the error messages in the Monitor page of the vCloud Usage Meter Web application and in the Monthly Usage Report.

Important: After you configure the email settings, vCloud Usage Meter alerts you of conditions that affect metering. For more information, see Configuring Email Settings.

To ensure accurate reporting, it is a responsibility of the vCloud Usage Meter operator to take actions on error messages and resolve issues that affect the vCloud Usage Meter data collection.

Table 1. Common vCloud Usage Meter Error Messages
Error Message Cause Resolution
No route to host (Host unreachable) There is a network connectivity failure in your environment or you must configure the DNS for the affected host. Ping the affected host and use nslookup to determine if the problem is in the network or in the DNS server.
Unable to find valid certification path to requested target The vCenter Server certificate changed. In the vCloud Usage Meter Web application, navigate to Manage > Products, click Edit, and then click Save for the affected vCenter Server to save the new certificate.
The server sent HTTP status code 503: Service Unavailable The vCenter Server API service is unavailable. The vCenter Server might be running but not responding to API requests. Verify that the vCenter Server API services are started.
Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password The provided vCenter Server credentials are incorrect. Provide correct credentials for the affected vCenter Server instance. For more information see, Add vCenter Server.
Note: Consider using a service account with a password that does not expire.