vCloud Usage Meter is a virtual appliance that you install by using vSphere Web Client. Installation of the virtual appliance includes verifying access on the appropriate TCP ports, setting the time zone and passwords, and configuring your network.

The size of your data set and vCenter Server inventories that vCloud Usage Meter meters, affects its speed of data collection, so you must note system requirements and metering capacities. For large data sets and vCenter Server inventories, consider installing more than one vCloud Usage Meter virtual appliance. You can consolidate reported data from multiple virtual appliances in monthly reports to your VMware VMware Cloud Provider Program aggregator.

To avoid configuration problems and ensure accurate metering of products, the vCloud Usage Meter time must be synchronized with other product hosts. A best practice is to use the same NTP server for the vCloud Usage Meter host and the metered products hosts.

To upgrade from previous versions, see Upgrading vCloud Usage Meter.