You can generate a report to monitor product consumption.

Some reports cover only one month, for others you can select a range of months.

Important: If you make a report request with an API that is more than one month for a report that does not support a range of months, the request fails with an error message.


  1. Click Reports in the top right menu bar of the Web application.
  2. In the Report drop-down menu, select a report type.
  3. Select the report criteria.
    You can select a Customer, Country, or Postal Code by entering part of the item and then locating it in the list that appears. vCloud Usage Meter populates a list that matches the characters you enter. You can only select a report criteria for Virtual Machine History and Cluster History reports.
  4. If you are using license sets, you can generate the reports for a particular license set by selecting the specific license set.
    You can only generate Virtual Machine History and Cluster History reports for a specific license set. For more information about license sets, see License Sets and Billing Categories. If you are not using license sets, skip this step.
  5. Select the report's beginning and ending month and year.
  6. Select the Include anonymized customer name in the report, if necessary.
  7. Select how to view the report:
    • Browse - view the report in a Web browser. There is a 6000 limit on the total rows.
    • Export (tab separated) - save the report to a file.
    • Zip - select check box to save the report as a ZIP file.


vCloud Usage Meter generates the report. vCloud Usage Meter retains the report in your browser's cache until another report is generated or you log out from the virtual appliance.